Saturday, October 01, 2011

our week in iphone pictures [09.24.2011]

holding hands and running per corbin's request! 
dig, dig, dig. the boy LOVES shovels and dirt!
playing cars.
halloween bunting ala pinterest.
corbin's new pal, mister googley-eyes punkin.
working on his homemade glitter wand.
helping with the dishes!!
trying to cover his ears AND eat popcorn watching cars 2 at the two dollar theater!
he wanted brobee off his shirt to play with!
playing outside in the rain!
pouring rain but blue skies and white puffy clouds.
all these goodies from my mother in law (most) fresh from the fields! we're spoiled! 
movie night on the living room floor!!
best seat in the house....or maybe this is...?
corbin loves when i recreate scenes from movies!
so into monster trucks lately!
these two make me nervous!
boom-shaka-laka! (remember that super nintendo game nba jam!?)
morning book reading!
camping out.
dinner antics!
foosball champ!
the word of that day was PATIENCE!
corbin's towing: helping you with all your high chair towing needs!


  1. Aww he is so adorable, as per usual! And I love that Halloween banner - I definitely want to make one hehe.

  2. I love the halloween bunting and pumpkin. So cute!

  3. I absolutely love the pumpkin idea. Instead of carving, just stick some eyes and draw a smile. Genius!

    Also, we have that same tonka truck! We got it for Christian's 2nd birthday. Christian loves for me or my husband to chase him around with it. Silly boy.


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