Friday, October 21, 2011

twenty six months old.

tractors, fire trucks, jake and the neverland pirates, blocks, dancing, broccoli, trains, being outside, shooting hoops, apples, books, riding bikes, robot rain boots, brobee, bubble baths, tents, tractor videos on youtube, treats, singing (he picks up songs QUICK), and pizza!

brushing his teeth, the dark, and getting dressed. 

cute things he says:
cool cool. no way. sometimes i ask him what a shape is and he'll say, "star. you're right!" because he's used to me saying he's right afterwards. wuv you mommy/daddy. "TOUCHDOWN" after he hits a baseball of his tee or makes a basket. when you ask who his best friend is he says, 'mama"! mostly always uses "please" and "thank you" at appropriate times. LOVES waving and telling people, "hiiiiii!".  whaaaaaat? 

shooting hoops, hopping, skipping, knows all regular colors, can count to three but backwards from five, and  names mostly all the construction/farm vehicles there are.


  1. What a sweetheart! Love that picture :) he's getting so big!


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