Sunday, October 23, 2011

friday night!!

we all spent friday night at my niece's homecoming football game to watch her perform with her dance team at the half time show! the routine was SUPER CUTE and had snippets of a bunch of different stereotypical homecoming songs. the girls dressed up in fancy (but dance-able dresses) and the guys were dressed up too! i can not believe i didn't get a picture of jaden and her dance partner!! or even jaden! but it was freezing and the second the dance was over they all ran to get dressed in something warmer! anyways, corbin loves everything football and the fact that his aunt t, grammy, and cousin d were there made it even better!!
the whole game corbin was asking for a hotdog (ew!) but the concession lines were always so long so we took him out for a hot dog and ice cream at dairy queen after the game instead. 
he was more than pleased.

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