Tuesday, October 11, 2011

brobee pumpkin!

corbin has been SUPER into halloween this year! it wasn't like that at first though. he thought jack-o-laterns were scary but after telling him a bazillion times they were super happy smiley pumpkins and that they were "spppoooooky" (instead of scary) with a big smile and laugh and he seems to have caught on! he's helped me make decorations for the house and peels his window clings on and off the window every day! he even has his very own little pumpkin we drew a happy face on and added googley eyes! but things wouldn't be complete without his own carved pumpkin!
after some boing-ing on his pumpkin, he helped me cut off the top (which he thought was hilarious). he somehow knew that we needed a "knife to get seeds out" too! 
i thought he'd be more interested or take notice to how gooey the insides were. but then i realized he's a boy and gooey things are like another day in the life of corbin! haha

singing, "happy birthday" into the inside of his empty pumpkin! 
and then waiting for me to carve it! (it was a no nap day and late in the afternoon)
when i was done i set it up in the bathroom (the darkest room in our house) and then lit it up with a candle. above was corbin's face when he first saw it!
he warmed up quickly to brobee pumpkin and even brought his stuffed brobee into the bathroom to meet pumpkin brobee. they were friends he said.
brobee pumpkin was A LOT harder than i thought he would be to carve! but i thought he turned out alright for my first attempt! i found the pumpkin carving stencils on nick jr's website. they have eighteen different ones to choose from like dora and bubble guppies characters!


  1. Oh my gosh! That looks adorable! Good job, mama. I may have to get us a Dora one :) Ava is obsessed!

  2. Aw! Landon was only 7 or 8 months last year when we carved pumpkins. I'm so excited to do them this year since he is older and more into things we are doing now. :D

  3. good work! his face when you lit it up is hilarious! i'm not sure the jude is too "in to" halloween yet. then again, i haven't asked him. who knows what weird shit he'll say if i ask about it.

  4. Did you know that your child continues to get cuter and cuter and cuter and cuter? Just an FYI.


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