Monday, October 31, 2011

glow stick bath!

they are all the rage these days! except when you have a toddler who has recently become afraid of the dark. we still had fun the few minutes it lasted and even with the lights on glow sticks can still be a blast!
 especially when you shove one in each ear!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

weekly iphone pictures [10.23.2011]

honey crisp apples as big as your head!
double arm rubs. living the good life!
muffin man.
after we made pumpkin muffins he sang, "happy birthday to pumpkin" of course!
looking both ways before crossing.
fuzzy little friend!
corbin lost a battle with the bottom dishwasher rack while pushing it around the kitchen! i watched him fall right on it and it was one of the scariest things ever! my first thought was that he lost an eye! im so thankful he just got a few little sores from it!
playing with cool new stickers from our sweet and thoughtful friend jess!
rock and roll bubble guppies was on so obviously corbin is jamming along with them!
my talented sleeping muffin eating toddler!!
a fridge lock would solve ninety eight percent of our daily tantrums. apples are not baseballs!!
wall pillows are comfy i guess.
bath tub tricks. today he actually spent his entire bath like this!
jean hoarder.
dada's hat.
fireman corbin playing at our local community center's indoor playground!
running thru the park afterwards to the library!
firetrucks=his newest obsession!
bat sammich and jack-o-lantern cheese lunch!
come on dada, let's go outside!!!
spooky spider web train and a carrot eating conductor!
corbin made me wear this bucket, errrr, fire hat on my head!
cautious puddle jumper.
boring, sunny saturday means we go to the pumpkin patch AGAIN!
corn angel!
"hi pig!"
this little girl chased corbin around the whole time! chick magnet!
awesome mail day for the corbinator!
watching the husky football game. words shouted while running around tonight: touchdown, runnnn, gooooo, moron, oh my gosh, and i can not believe it!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

corbin to the rescue!

oh no! puppy is stuck in the dada tree! climb up the fire truck's ladder and save him! when you bring him down safely mommy will smother you in hero kisses!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

toilet paper roll pumpkin.

supplies: toilet paper roll, two pieces of orange construction paper, scraps of brown and green paper, tape, and (dirty kitchen) scissors.
this is such an easy and fun project to do with your toddler! you could make a bunch of them in different sizes too! all you do is wrap one piece of the orange construction paper around the toilet paper roll, tape, and cut off the extra at the top! then i cut the other piece of orange paper into nine long strips. corbin helped me count them as they fell off the tip of the scissors and then handed me them one by one as i taped one side of the strip into the inside of the roll.
then you just loop the other side around and tape them into the bottom. cut a cute little green leaf and a brown stem and viola! 
adorable little paper stripped pumpkin!
if you feel like giving it a gentle little hug after it's all done that's okay too! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin patch with great grandma nana!

yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day! we knew we wanted to take nana to the pumpkin patch before halloween so we called and hoped she didn't have any plans! thirty minutes later she was snuggled in the backseat of our car with corbin and we were on our way! corbin loved showing her all around the patch! we rode the tractor hay ride, played with the bubbles, and explored every corner of the patch. corbin even met a sweet little friend named lucy in the corn box! and he's very much into older kids right now so he was copying them going down the slide backwards into the corn. i love seeing his silly personality come out more and more every day! after two hours and some hot chocolate (it was gorgeous but not warm!) we came home. i'm so happy corbin has his great grandma nana to go on adventures like this with!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

friday night!!

we all spent friday night at my niece's homecoming football game to watch her perform with her dance team at the half time show! the routine was SUPER CUTE and had snippets of a bunch of different stereotypical homecoming songs. the girls dressed up in fancy (but dance-able dresses) and the guys were dressed up too! i can not believe i didn't get a picture of jaden and her dance partner!! or even jaden! but it was freezing and the second the dance was over they all ran to get dressed in something warmer! anyways, corbin loves everything football and the fact that his aunt t, grammy, and cousin d were there made it even better!!
the whole game corbin was asking for a hotdog (ew!) but the concession lines were always so long so we took him out for a hot dog and ice cream at dairy queen after the game instead. 
he was more than pleased.
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