Thursday, September 22, 2011

toddler window cling!

today corbin and i tried out an easy and fun craft project i found on the internet recently! 
a toddler window cling! 
 all you need is plastic wrap, stickers, a window, and an excited toddler!
 i just stretched a piece of the plastic wrap over the window, let corbin pick out which sticker he wanted, and let him stick away! at first of course he wanted to stick them on the actual window but i just explained how we only put stickers on the plastic wrap and he got it! 
see? so. much. fun!!
 some serious concentrating going on!
and viola! i plan on keeping it up and letting corbin add to it as he wants!

(toddler window cling idea from here)


  1. such a great idea! definitely doing this with poppy. thanks for sharing it!! (:

  2. OMG - That is soooooooooo cute! I'm going to do this when the twins wake from there naps. I can't stop giggling at the photos.


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