Tuesday, September 06, 2011


so there we were. a normal thursday afternoon. i decided to finally do some decorating in our living room and corbin was helping me hang up pictures. i was standing on his leap frog activity table and he was up on the rocker next to me when i heard a tiny toddler fall off the chair onto the ground. i jumped to the ground and scooped my crying little guy up only to notice his chin bleeding and upon further examination slip open!!

after a check up from mimi and nana and a phone call to a consulting nurse we decided to take him into urgent care for some possible stitches! ryan was on his way home but met us there. and thankfully corbin didn't even seem to be in much pain after the fall either.

but the hour or so we spent back in the actual room was pure torture for all of us. starting with an ever so rude doctor ryan had to kick to the curb while i held my terrified little guy in the corner, both of us crying. but thankfully ended with a glued up chin, a staff that actually cared to get to know corbin before they attacked him with gauze and glue, and a yummy grape popcicle! he was the quietest i've ever heard him on the car ride home but was quickly back to his old self once we were home!

and so, its just one of many trips we'll make mending our little boy up!


  1. So not cool for the doctor to have such poor bedside manor! I hate when that happens. Luckily Ryan kicked him to the curb. And luckily there was grape popsicles ;)

  2. first real battle wound! tough corbin!

  3. It is hilarious that they can glue our little ones back together. Boo for the mean doctor.

  4. Poor little guy! How scary for both you, glad he's all glued up and feeling back to his old self.


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