Wednesday, September 28, 2011

skate park!

i'm slowly realizing the tiny little town without a stop light that's closest to our house in the middle of nowhere has things to offer! today we hit up the post office and then found a little park on our way home! we still had corbin's bike in the car from our playdate a few days? a week? ago and i thought the empty skate park would be the perfect place for him to ride it! he was a big fan of riding it up and down the smallest ramp and i nearly had a heart attack picturing him older skating and jumping around on the bigger ones!!



since we missed story time this morning (worth it to sleep in!!) we also hit up the tiny little library which i loved beings that corbin just runs around crazy when we go to bigger ones. i was able to keep my eye on him while i picked out lots and lots of halloween and tractor books!


  1. Looks like tons of fun! Hes just too cute =)

  2. I love finding hidden gems like that! Plus, sleeping in IS totally worth it hehe <3


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