Saturday, September 10, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {thirty six}

his birthday present train and lego table from great gramps finally arrived and he's in love!!
doin' the sprinkler and playing spatula water jug drums! 
the award for most photogenic goes to...CORBIN!
no flowers behind my ears mom!
playing tractors in the grass with dad all dreamy-like.
weirdest sleeper. 
cant. feel. my. fingers.
he is zoned out on football...that he asked to watch!!
first shower that he also asked for!! who is this kid?!
trying to get tan in the sun = death by heatstroke!
so i opted for a good ole' fashioned spray tan instead!
notorious for getting in the tub before he is undressed.
his dad tried for mcdonals again. this time chicken nuggets. he wouldn't eat them! haha yesss!
random high chair peek-a-boo games.
FINALLY likes wearing hats again (sometimes).
he doesn't want anyone to catch him at the bottom of the slide anymore! 
helping papa clean out his boat.
driving a jeep, singing "what's my name" by rihanna. no big deal.
"tire. want it!"
watching my niece jaden's dance performance at her high school football game!
brought back so many memories!!
happy memorial day!
watching football with daddy!

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