Sunday, August 28, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {thirty four}

waving hi to the river floaters!
new set of tools for the tractor wagon!
saying goodbye to dad before he goes on vacation to arizona with the honeysett men to help his uncle move into his new house!!
so many toys! at least they are organized!
one for the dehydrator, two for corbin's belly.
lightening mcqueen hugs!
feeding his baby ninja turtle some fruit!
picking blackberries, swimming, and playing on the beach at grammy's house!
i got an unusually high amount of snuggles from corbin while his dada was gone on vacation!
bringing his blankie into his super fun tent!
book reading in a diaper box. typical.
cake for breakfast the morning after his birthday party except he ate all his sausage first and hardly any cake!
he lives in that fridge!
we're going through a i-hate-wearing-clothes phase. 
awe, he wooks wike a wittle baby! yawning after he fell asleep on the couch again after his nap!
more birthday presents!!
bath fun!
sliding down his dirt hill!
making sure nana is driving her tractor behind him!
i took corbin to see winnie the pooh at the two dollar theater. 
he fell asleep with twenty minutes to go! haha but did really well all the minutes before that!
::insert tractor noises here::
silly goose faces!
so we climb up the slide by ourselves now!!
oh, and swing in big kid swings too!!
play date with our friends amy and parker at the children's museum and farmers market!!
farmer's market loot! all of you, GET IN MY BELLY!!
self portraits in reflective windows, its what we do.
poor guy fell and busted his lip and nose up on the concrete!
serious dipper at chipotle!
its pictures like this that make me LOVE where i live!
day after the birthday party clean up!
he shoots. he scores. he's so proud!
cant. get. enough. of him sleeping while i hold him!!
"juju drive it"
reaching for popcorn left on the counter the night before!
sneaks and a diaper.
trying to blow up a balloon.
in a serious yo gabs trance. he was like that for at least five minutes.
brush, brush, brush.
corbin hiding in my dress!!

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