Saturday, September 03, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {thirty five}

playing catch with daddy. he wants to be JUST like him!!
toddler yoga perhaps? and my little photographer.
how to shop with my little boy! jealous of all his new fall clothes!!
play date with our friends emily and poppy!!
fish face and homemade strawberry fruit leather!!
sometimes corbin wakes up from his naps, comes out to the couch, and falls asleep next to me again!
"mama tent?" he loves when i play in there with him!!
"leaf back"              "back-beaw-ies"
another play date!! this time with friends he's known since he was six months old!
french fry and ice cream lunch date at dairy queen!
playing puzzles at the library! and having lunch with my step dad at panera bread! NOM!
collard wrap with chickpea beet spread!! PICK UP YOUR CHIP BABY!!
new alphabet magnets! and his new love block tower building!
college game day! GO HUSKIES!! proud of the leaves him and nana raked into his wagon!
big blue eyes looking at the "airpeen" and admiring our neighbors "pitty cahr"!


  1. that climbing the wall with his feet picture is hilarious!

  2. french fries and ice cream... now that is awesome. love the daddy hat and shoe photo.


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