Sunday, September 25, 2011

our week in iphone pictures [09.17.2011]

wearing some of mommy's "pretties".
story time finally started at the library this week! he is always excited to go but only lasted about half the class. he insisted on reading all his new books right when we got home though!
caught it!
insert fake snoring noises here.
running around outside. the usual.
we left a little message on nan's driveway for her to see when she got home from vacation!
somewhere in there are our halloween decorations...
he LOVES when papa follows him around on his tractor.
starbucks donut date! <3
"little einsteins go poo poo! ahahahaha"
he shoots, HE SCORES!
dudes hangin'
just doing some pumpkin harvesting.
helping make fall sprinkles sugar cookies!
ahahaha! doesn't he look just like eddie murphy in the nutty professor.
watching cousin jaden perform with her dance team at her high school football games half time!
climbing stairs. eating hot dogs (ew!). and yelling TOUCHDOWN after every play.
i finally found a small pumpkin to be corbin's new pal!
just dancing and singing and drivin' my tractor around outside!
he is THE weirdest sleeper everrrr!
omg, a seal riding on a tractor. ahahahaha!
corb working on his window cling!
and new halloween decorations!

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  1. Haha, love the one of him with the headband and the fake sleeping.


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