Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"mama picture"

and look at that. naming a post after something corbin said again. the little mister is constantly talking lately. we can have full on conversations with him and its really the funnest thing ever! he is constantly making ryan and i smile with all the smart and silly and crazy words he comes up with. this evening i was crafting at the kitchen table and he came up to me with my camera in hand and said, "mama picture" so of course i had to take him up on the offer and snapped these pictures of him being a goofball in his room. 
mouth full of "taco" (olives)!
and i even captured the first time he's ever opened his bedroom door! he's been trying every morning as i lay in his bed trying to wake up and he's ready to GET UP AND "GO OOUUUT!" the second his eyes open and now he's going to be able to do it on his own...
his other new trick is pushing one of his ride-on cars over to the light switch and turning the light on and off. "too dark. can't see!" i love how proud of himself he is every. single. time he does it!
thanks corbie for letting me document your cuteness tonight!!


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