Friday, September 02, 2011

happy second birthday celebration!

corbin the two year old woke up on his birthday morning to a bedroom full of balloons!! its a fun birthday tradition i'm so excited to start and continue for as long as he doesn't think he's too cool for it! this year it was a hit! nearly every second of our morning was spent in there playing with them!

only breaking to open some gifts from mom and dad and enjoy a special request birthday breakfast that included jello with cool whip and sprinkles!
(that he didn't even like! he just sees jello in a book we read.)
then the three of us headed to seattle for our first trip to the children's museum where corbin loved playing the bongo drums, pushing around a shopping cart, and driving little cars!

after a couple hours of fun at the museum we headed to chuck-e-cheese's for corbin's birthday dinner with my family! he always has the funnest time there and having his cousins to play with him made it even better!!

after our day of adventures we headed home and walked next door to mimi and papa's house for cupcakes, the happy birthday song, and more presents! 

he fell asleep quick that night in the midst of talking about his extra special day! so it's really official. he's two. i have a two year old. i CAN NOT WAIT to see what this year has in store for my little guy! how much he will grow and learn and all the fun he will have being a kid and not having a care in the world! 


  1. it looks like he had so much fun!! i love your balloon tradition, that's genius.

  2. corbin has such a good little life!

  3. That balloon idea is so cool....I may have to copy you when my guy turns 2 in December!!!

  4. I LOVE the balloons! And he's adorable, as always. Looks like a great birthday!

  5. Happy birthday Corbin! Love the balloons!

  6. wow what an awesome birthday! I like the idea of filling the room up with balloons, but I'm secretly terrified of balloons and kids...thanks to my Granny lol

  7. What a fantastic birthday he had!! Love the idea of the balloons!

    I totally don't approve of the fact that he got replacement boots for his birthday that aren't nearly as cool though LOL

  8. Looks like a great birthday!! also he has the most amazing eyes =)
    Im a new follower,


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