Wednesday, August 17, 2011

your last day as one.

hi corbie.

today was your last day as a one year old. i just snuck out of your room after laying in bed with you talking about all the fun things you did today and watching you fall asleep. as we do every night. despite sending out birthday party invitations and preparing for your special day, tonight it's really hit me that you will be two tomorrow. i'm trying to use the same logic i do about my own birthdays and remember there is nothing i can do to stop time so i will just remember all the fun you've been as a one year old and go with the flow of life rather than sulk in the fact you are getting more independent and less babyish with every kiss goodnight.
this morning, before you even opened your eyes, you leaned over and kissed me then laid back down with a big smile on your face and wrapped your arm around my neck. i don't know how things like that don't make my heart explode from all the love it fills up with. the rest of the day was spent doing whatever you wanted. three packs of fruit snacks in a row? why not. we played and ignored chores until dad came home and then we all spent the afternoon outside soaking up the sunshine and watching you master your new ride on tractor that was an early birthday present from mimi, papa, and nana! we came inside and had pizza for dinner and you fell asleep holding my hand. it was the perfect day and i will always remember your last day as a one year old.
i've been horrible at keeping up with your monthly update posts these last couple months and i promise to write one soon all about how smart and silly and tricky and sometimes a little bit of a...well, a toddler you are but for now i just want you to know how proud of you i am. it brings me to tears thinking about it really. you are everything i've ever wanted and more. i could never put into words the way i see you.

i can not wait to have you wake up to your room full of balloons tomorrow and celebrate your birthday with you and all the people who love you most!

all my love, mommy


  1. so so soooo sweet. what an awesome close to being one. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORBIN!!

  2. aw, i'm sad that was his last day as a 1 year old. BUT TODAY HE'S 2!

  3. this is so sweet jill! happy happy birthday adorable boy!

  4. Oh, this almost made me cry! Sweetness!

  5. this almost made me cry too - such a sweet sweet boy, i'm glad you were able to capture this last day. love the fruit snacks, lol.

  6. I LOVE that Tractor! This is the sweetest post.


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