Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i feel like i haven't really blogged in FOREVER. in internet time that's really only like a week or two but we've been so busy lately and my down time has been spent taking time to actually go to bed at a decent hour and snuggle on the couch with my husband without a laptop on my lap. these next few posts will be my attempt at catching this little blog up on all the fun sh-tuff we've been doing!

first up, a much anticipated and super fun playdate with allie and henry while they were in town visiting family! the fact that heidi, rachel, and their adorable kids could come too was just icing on the cake. we met up at satellite coffee in tacoma, got a lot of side eyes and "family day" comments as we took up every inch of space in the tiny, hipster coffee shop, then headed across the street after we wore out our welcome! no, but in all honesty that is seriously my most favorite coffee shop ever, EVER! and im a total starbucks snob who WILL NOT waste my money on coffee anywhere else. and all the "it must be family day" comments were quickly followed by, "there'd be even more kids in here but mine is out in the car!".   

check out the bird in the pond.
im pretty sure there is a piece of every kid in this picture!
hhhmmm....weird. all the toddler boys running away!

hello in there?!
i wish we could have spent more time with them and chatted more than just running around the playground or shoving bites of food in our mouths but its always fun to see our friends in any circumstance! 


  1. it was so fun to see you and corbin again!

  2. sounds like an awesome time! don't feel guilty about living :) we're still here when you find the time! :D

  3. this looks so fun! totally jealous!

  4. Jill! It was awesome getting to see you and Corbin! And I love that shot of all the boys heading on down the highway.

  5. I can't believe how much bigger they've gotten since the last play date pics I remember seeing!!!

    Love the tree picture! Yay for all of them in one shot!


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