Saturday, August 20, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {thirty three}

when he doesn't want his picture taken anymore...
little cookie drummer boy!
birthday party prep! (he wouldn't wear that shirt on his birthday party day!!)
funny typo on the back of his buzz lightyear decal.
"bite mama?"
eating and driving.
its my favorite when he falls asleep on me!!
got a text from ryan while i was running errands, "he ran out of his room to this spot and passed out".
corbin is saying hallelujah that we took a truck load of crap to the dump!!
homemade apple juice with fresh peaches and strawberry popcicle!
ghost ride da whip.
i know what you're thinking. this girl is obsessed with sleeping pictures of her son. AND...!?!
ryan brought corbin home his first happy meal. he sucked salt off the fries and spit the one bite of the hamburger out! THAT'S MY BOY!!!
corbin's funny face!
the only hat he'll wear from his grammy.
 "juju vacky!"                "juju clean!"
new birthday present tractor!
uhm, okay son.
brain freeze!
happy the second he wakes up!
enjoying his free birthday cookie and the train table at barnes and noble!
new (wild) kitties at mimi and papa's house!
story time before bed.
omg, that face!
little stinker climbing in the tub before i could take his clothes off!
dirt hill. all day, every day.
corbin the GIANT! fee fi fo fum!
birthday party prep! cake batter rice crispy treats!
blowing up balloons at midnight to make balloon garland for his party!
corbin woke up thinking balloon garland strung all over the house was the coolest thing ever!
buzz balloon on party day is as big as him!
basketball fun!
hoop'n it up!
transferring balloon garland from one house to another didn't quite work out so we just went with the mess it made and it still turned out cute!
signs of a good birthday party day. your white shirt is brown!
relaxing on the couch after a long birthday party day with a little treat!

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