Saturday, August 13, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {thirty two}

i take A LOT of pictures of this handsome guy sleeping! 
caught the bath tub artist drinking his dirty bath water!
mowing the...cement! mouth full of carrot CHEESE!
sleeping in at the great wolf lodge when all i wanted to do was go to the starbucks in the hotel!!
just woke up sleepy corbie face.
corbin: professional food waster.    daddy and corbin sharing ice cream!!
raggamuffin buzz lover insisted bringing his pal outside. 
and then he spotted his bike and buzz hit the dirt.
fat lip.    corbin has more money than i do!
lazy days.
major cheese and squeeze hug for woody!   mom life.
"wa wa slide over there"  just drivin' with my toes. no big deal.
chowing down on cookies at the great wolf lodge! 
all the fun we had there totally wiped him out though!
waiting curbside for the parade to start! corbin's favorite part, obviously!
hey scary thing freaking my kid out, why don't you beat it!? 


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