Tuesday, August 30, 2011

great wolf lodge!

corbin and i were lucky enough to be invited to stay the night with a group of my niece's friends at the great wolf lodge (an indoor water park and hotel) to celebrate one of her friends birthdays! my sister and i were the "parents" and corbin was under two so he got in free!! i was so nervous and so excited to be able to take corbin! unless he's in the tub or washing his hands he HATES to get wet! luckily we'd been to my mom's pool a couple times this summer and it wasn't until i just took him in whining that he ended up having a good time. i was hoping that would be true for the water park too!
checking out the water park for the first time!

and im happy to report he loved it!! (as long as no water got on his head!)
water slide!!

trying to swim like the big kids he's watching!
obviously something super cool was happening over there...or something.
besides the amazing water park there were so many other fun things for kids to do!!
 like a clock tower show and bedtime story in the main lobby that you can see worked wonders on corbin!
a cub club full of toys and art projects!
and an arcade where corbin was in a total trance!
ice cream truck hugs!! we spent so much time in this arcade and i didn't have to spend a penny!!
every time we walked down the halls he would laugh at the wolves on the room number plaques! and yes we brought the frog boots. i swear its the only shoe i can easily get him to wear!
jaden and her friends stay at the great wolf lodge so often this cookie was waiting on the counter when we first went in our room with a note saying the fridge was stocked with milk!!
and corbin trying to own control over the tv. "TOONS!"
rumor has it the girls stayed up until five in the morning that night being loud and corbin and i slept right through it! we had such a fun time and can't wait to go back!!


  1. Oh my gosh, looks like SUCH a fun time!!! I'm glad Corbin didn't melt down at the water park and the picture of him hugging the ice cream truck melts ME!!!

  2. I so wanna go there lol! It looks like such fun! Great pics :)

  3. I wanna take my son there up in Washington. Does it have enough stuff for little little ones? He's 15 months so I don't know if there is enough stuff that he could do to actually make the trip up there.


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