Monday, July 18, 2011


i love having errand running/lunch dates with my little guy and friday was one of those days! we did some light grocery shopping and diaper purchasing at target and trader joes then we headed off to lunch at taco del mar! 
corbin didn't want to wait in line with me so he sat big kid style at our table and drove his truck all over the booth seat. about half way through our lunch a cute little mother/daughter pair came and sat in the table next to us and it was hilarious watching corbin flirt with her. how do they know at such a young age?! corbin told me she was "pitty" (pretty) even! 
after lunch we went next door to pick up a bar of burt's bees soap (how come the only places i can find those is at health and fitness stores like gnc?! get with it target!) and corbin had THEE BIGGEST PUBLIC SCREAM FIT EVERRRRR. after pushing a cart all around the store it was time to go and corbin did not want to leave that cart. usually letting him do whatever it is he wants (within reason of course) leads to a super easy separation when its time to go but this time after kneeling down and telling him it was time to put the cart away because we had to go to the starbucks next door to get a treat he instantly threw himself of the ground and started screaming! and screaming. luckily after scooping him up, taking him outside, and asking him to say sorry for screaming in the store like that when it was time to go we finally made our way to starbucks for a cake pop! then it was home for a squishy faced nap time!
we had all sorts of changes of plans! my niece had a dance performance and we had plans to go to ryan's company picnic at the lake but after getting a super late start to our day and the fact that is was raining on and off all morning we ended up at chipotle (YUM!) for lunch and grocery shopping! i know, go crazy. later it was some chill family time in corbin's room before an early bed time since HE DIDN'T EVEN TAKE A NAP that day! 
was completely uneventful. i ignored the huge disaster that was my house and just hung with the fam doing fun stuff like play-doh and cracking up at corbin getting to know that cute little boy in the mirror!
and these, just because i can not get enough of sleeping pictures of corbin! he's just so sweet and peaceful! awe, i love him!


  1. Sounds like a nice balanced weekend of fun and family time :)
    I loooove that Corbin still has squishy little baby hands :)

  2. they sell burts bees at my target! and at the grocery stores. weird!

  3. I love that picture of Corbin at Chipotle! He looks super excited!

  4. aw, love those sleeping Corbin pictures :)

  5. aww look at him! he's so adorable when he sleeps! and mm cake pops! Wish we had a local starbucks!


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