Friday, July 08, 2011

so i have a secret...

i've really contemplated spreading the word about this because well, i want it all to myself. a lot of times these free things are "for the first 5,000 people only" so if i tell YOU and YOU start doing this, my chances of all this free stuff gets smaller and smaller! but a bigger part of me wants to be like, LOOK AT ALL THE FREE STUFF I GET FOR DOING NOTHING!! 

so here i am, sharing my secret with you all. i've "liked" other coupon sites on facebook and followed blogs of the same theme but none of them have ever come close to all the sweet freebies i've scored since finding coupon pro! the picture above is what i've gotten for absolutely free in the last few weeks just by giving my name, address, and an email address i set up for spammy things like this! and its seriously not even half of all the stuff there is for free out there. i really only sign up for things i think i'll use. on their way to me are a free bag of welch's fruit snacks, three free crest pro-health samples, coupons for a free pantente, herbal essence, and aussie product, glad force flex garbage bag samples, and so many more! and those above are samples so its really like almost getting a full size! 

every day is like christmas in my mail box!



  1. OOoooOOO I hope it works in Canada on my way over now!

  2. Who doesn't love free stuff!?! Wanted to mention our Children's Museum has free admission the first Friday of the month and Thursdays are free for the summer too. Yours might too, always nice on those rainy days when you need to get out of the house.

  3. Jill, you awesome girl! Thanks for sharing wealth, friend!

  4. You rock.

    PS - totally thought you were pregnant when I saw "secret"! haha

  5. Way to go, Jill! That is awesome! :) Oh, and I thought you were pregnant, too!


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