Wednesday, July 06, 2011

playing catch up: my mom's birthday!

last thursday was my mama's birthday and around our house are plenty of flower farms and stands so i thought a bouquet of freshly cut flowers would be a great little present for her! 
that evening we loaded the car with mimi and nana (corbin LOVED having them in the car with him) and we all headed up the hill to a peony farm! (is it called a farm if it's just flowers?!) there were chickens and fruit trees and three huge fields of the most gorgeous and fragrant peonies i've ever seen! after we payed for our bouquets that the woman made extra big for us, corbin and i dropped off mimi and nana and we headed to my mom's work to wish her a happy birthday! 
(seriously though, who works on their birthday! poor mama.) 
she was so surprised to see us because we didn't tell her we were coming but i couldn't let the day go by without her knowing we were thinking of her on her special day! she was able to take a little break when we got there and took corbin straight to the toy section of the store and bought him a new toy and a box of circus animal cookies ON HER BIRTHDAY! haha  

thanks for being such a great mom and grammy! we love you with all our h-h-h-hearts! ;)


  1. Those flowers are so pretty! What a lucky mommy to have you bring her flowers at work.


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