Thursday, July 07, 2011

playing catch up: hot summer days!

summer has finally arrived here and i couldn't be happier! the sun shining on my face is one of my favorite things ever! and our calendar is quickly filling up with fun, summer activities! we've spent the vast majority of the last two weeks outdoors soaking up the sun whether its in our own front yard or off on some sort of new adventure!
having a mini tractor parade and playing with cousins!
relaxing snack by the river. sand and water table fun!
kicking back in the hammock and shirtless popsicle eating. (he took one bite and handed it back to me!)
having the best time exploring the beach at grammy's house!
JUMPING OFF THE EDGE OF THE POOL TO MY MOM! at first he was scared to even get in the pool!
swimming and being too sexy for his swim trunks!
tanning poolside and this is the face i get when i make him wear any shoes other than his frog boots!
playing at the lake!
and the effects of all that sun leave you feeling very tired and full of tan lines! 
we're not complaining though!


  1. i never bother putting swim trunks on wyatt! i figure it's gotta be annoying wearing a diaper AND swim trunks... it looks like you guys had an awesome week though!

  2. I don't do the swim trunks either! just the swim diaper. it's basically the same thing haha!

    great pictures!!! again, lol!


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