Tuesday, July 19, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty eight}

jelly toast face - lazy sunday
great grandma nana brought out her beautiful old accordion from the 1930's (or maybe even older)! 
playdate with the adorable duo that is poppy and emily! they played so well together (well except that one time poppy tried looking at corbin's tractor and he screamed NO in her face! again, so sorry poppy!!) and i always have the best time chatting with emily! expect lots more pictures of these two in the future! 
diaper league baseball - straight to the tub you go with that jelly mess!
a little potty training - popcorn, grapes, couch snuggles, and a movie equals one awesome friday night
his newest face he makes quite often - burgers, fries, and a shake after my nephew skipped out on his eighteenth birthday dinner with the family for a TATTOO! oh, teenagers.
remember when corbin wouldn't even wear his rain boots? now its all he wants to wear, even on hot days!
tromping around in the back of nana's truck.
bike tricks and summer shadows.
booyah! free slurpee day at seven eleven! (ugh, except they ran out of slurpee cups thus ruining the accurate depiction of these photos!)
slurpin' up his pee, er i mean, bath water -  what?! doesn't everyone watch their toons like this?
kissing himself -  all day, every day we play tractors
caught him reading books in bed while i was doing dishes. such a sweetie pie! - vintage books i found at great grandma nana's! these are only a handful really. 


  1. Your son is just so cute!! His hair kills me <3

  2. you guys look like you always have to much fun!

  3. My head practically EXPLODED when I saw Poppy AND Corbin together. Too much cuteness for one universe!!!


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