Monday, July 11, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty seven}

if every other sunday i could go to the grocery store and farmer's market solo i would be one happy mama! (not that im not a happy mama now but YOU KNOW how it is!)
 pic-a-nic lunch in the playhouse! blueberry, greek yogurt, and honey popsicle dessert!
one of his favorite places to drive his tractors is on his mattress! 
great grandma nana's house has the best old books!
laughing at the gumby movie! "mmmm pop coh" ::rubs belly::
these snuggles will NEVER.GET.OLD....EVER!
finger lickin' good! fun in the mirror after bath time.
playing at the lake. drinking bath water! haha
having a fun lunch date at the park with emily and poppy!
warning: if you aren't a parent (or maybe even if you are) this part might gross you out. feel free to move onto the next set of pictures. but corbin took his diaper off the other day. i thought it was funny until HE POOPED ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR! doesn't he look so different with hair covering his forehead? 
GIANT caramel swirl ice cream and watching tractor pulls and lawnmower races at the fair.
ahahahahahaha! ice cream drunk! fair rides!


  1. LOL about the poop on the floor! My daughter pees every time she gets her diaper off, and most of the time it's on me.

  2. oh my gosh, drinking out of the bath faucet is the cutest thing i've ever seen! parker is going through a bath-hating phase. ugh :(

  3. lmao! so cute! I'm glad Nolan hasn't attempted fully to take his diaper off yet :S but now when he poops, he runs up to me and says "I POOPING!" lmao. If anyone goes to the bathroom he hollers at the door "you pooping!?"


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