Thursday, July 07, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty six}

looking like a target employee getting ready for jacob's birthday party! 
toddler tricks. sprawled out sleeping!
real cute corbin. he makes this face a lot lately! and being a silly toddler. how can that be comfortable?!
muh bangs be gettin long, yo! driving his truck thru the "tunnel". 
reading his toy story book in the car that is obviously hilarious! SUPER MARIO BROS 2!!
dinner date at panera bread! target shopping with my two favorites!!
corbin likes me to play pretend night night with him. its especially fun on mornings he wakes up early!
rampage toddler finally crashed after destroying the living room in two point five seconds!
smores BEFORE lunch! yeah, im a cool mom like that! 
two dollar chalk board at a yard sale, a little spray paint and a piece of scrapbook paper! viola!
again, how is that comfortable?! haha lunch at the mall.
oh my gosh, he sits in the silliest ways! breakfast for dinner!!
checkin' out the dessert menu at red robin. wuv you cars sippy!
crawling on the cement saying, "i'na bug". being tired eating a taco big boy style after a long day in the sun!


  1. your captions always crack me up!

  2. Your captions are too funny. I love the Target employee look!

  3. haha yeah, your captions are hilarious!!! as everyone else has said lol. Corbin is such a sweetie!!!

  4. Corbin is so cute! Landon is always standing on his toys like that. He's always hurting himself and giving me a heart attack because of it.

  5. oh my gosh you had me at "lookin like a target employee"!! jill, you freaking kill me.

  6. Oh man I love Mario Bros 2 ! Corbin is such a cutie.


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