Tuesday, July 26, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {twenty nine}

being a  silly toddler!
hot days around here mean being outside all day and finally filling up the kiddie pool!
sprawled out sleeper! every morning he goes to fridge and asks for "bakey".
silly boys hiding under a blanket. instead of story time before bed he chose to play with his trucks!
dangling sleepy toes. sometimes he likes to stay in bed and read books when he first wakes up which means i get to lay in bed and wake up!
apple picker. playing outside!
the face of the week.
trying to fit the rest of himself in the box. birthday dinner for grammy and cousin demarcus!
this! all because i put frosting on one of his graham crackers. dad's shirt!
march, march, march! "look i'm woody! howdy, howdy, howdy!"


  1. what a goof ball.. he is too cute!

  2. love it!! lol his curls kill me <3

  3. The picture of him crying over frosting is hilarious. Man, can I relate to that!

  4. what?! corbin cried because you put frosting on one of his graham crackers? crazy. ;)

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