Sunday, July 10, 2011

king county fair!

also known as the hickest fair this side of texas. but aren't they all really. and really thats okay because where there are hillbillies there are TRACTORS! and well, we all know that's the way to my child's heart.
so we made it just in time to watch the tractor pulls and lawnmower races and corbin couldn't have been more happy wow-ing and asking to ride every one that drove by.
{waving hi to the dogs at the dog show!}
after he'd had enough with the loud tractors we walked around and explored the rest of the fair. 
how cute are those llamas?! 
and see that little white dot in the top right corner? 
it was a paraglider who eventually landed right at the fair!
fair rides and lawnmower races! (those things were fast!)
sponge bob corbin pants!
watching the tractor pull next to plaid shirt, basketball shorts, high socks, and tennis shoes man because, obviously!

this is the first year in a while they have even charged anyone admission because the fair had been going downhill. i'm really hoping they keep up the attendance so corbin can have many years of memories here just like his dad did growing up!


  1. that sponge bob cut out board thing is kinda weird!

  2. I laughed out loud at sponge bob Corbin pants....

    I think Jess is kinda weird and that Corbin pants is kinda awesome ...


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