Monday, July 18, 2011

weaning: the next step.

its been a little over a week since corbin was nursed to sleep. one of the last steps towards completely weaning him. it really wasn't planned. we just went to bed one night and he wasn't asking for it or whining much so i just rubbed his back and he fell asleep after a few minutes. i of course laid there what felt like forever snuggling him. then, of course came out to the living room and cried and cried and cried to ryan about it! its so very bittersweet. its not even the nursing i mind, its just that until now i hadn't taught him any other way to fall asleep and i felt so restricted. at nearly two years old he is very much aware and able to understand and that has helped so much.

that picture above is him that first night. he looks so tiny and so big at the same time.
its also been nice to finally have a bedtime routine that ryan can be involved in. before we would just hang out in the living room until corbin told me he was ready to go to bed and then corbin would kiss daddy goodnight and to the bedroom we would go. i really cherish that alone time i had with him before bed every night but i know it must have been hard for ryan to miss out on watching his sweet little guy slip away into dreamland like  he used to be able to when corbin was smaller. (we only started this nurse to sleep thing at about nine months when we attached corbin's crib to our bed and introduced the floor bed in his room for naps because, well, i'll be honest, it was the easiest way for me to get him to sleep and i rarely leave the house without him so why not?!) now, ryan gets to lay in bed with us while we read books and stays in the room sometimes until corbin falls asleep and we will eventually just let dad do it all by himself! (so i can leave the house and not have to be home before bedtime!!! something that hasn't happened in two years!)
some things i've noticed since making this change is how corbin DOES NOT want to go to sleep now. bedtime has been pushed back to nearly ten o'clock every night and nap time is usually something i have to initiate by around four pm. yesterday he didn't even nap at all for the first time ever! when he does finally settle down though he's out in two seconds! before i would have to wait at least five minutes to roll off his bed or he would wake up and cry to nurse more! he's also really into getting his milk any way he can get it and spends a lot of time before he falls asleep with his hand down my shirt! haha

i couldn't be more happy with his schedule since we've made this change though. he usually goes to bed around nine or ten. sleeps until five every morning. i still nurse him to sleep then. and then again some mornings when he asks for it when he wakes up for the day between eight and nine am. i don't think either of us are ready to end it completely yet. and since i can't get him to drink milk im happy knowing he's getting some nutrients from it. a part of me is even really scared about not producing anymore milk for him. like, what if something happens and there is no way to console him!? what will i do!? its been such a safety net. anyways, nap time is at around three or four where he sleeps anywhere from one to two (to THREE!) hours!

so that's that. our new routine. i have a little more freedom. he's growing up a little bit, getting a little more independent. im happy our slow process of weaning is working out so well for us and most importantly that corbin is doing so well with it!


  1. it gets easier and easier! a year from now you'll be so happy with all the freedom you'll have. :) or you'll be pregnant, who knows!?

  2. Such a sweet boy! I can totally relate to this. My son is 19 months and we are down to nursing when he wakes up in the morning and right before bed, not sure when it will ever end!

  3. Congrats on getting a little more freedom. It is bittersweet though, I always loved the closeness of nursing.

  4. LOL @ Jess's comment!

    I was so devastated when I had to stop breastfeeding Nolan, it was WAY too soon!!! When he was 4 months old, I had to have an emergency surgery on my hips and spent a week in the hospital crying because I couldn't get my milk to produce, even though I was pumping ever 2 hours :( it had a lot to do with the medication, pain, and being away from my baby for the first time ever :( not fun! By the time I got home to my baby, he was already happily sucking back formula and didn't want me anymore :(

    I'm definitely going to breastfeed longer this time, but I'll always be sad that I had to stop early with Nolan!


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