Friday, July 08, 2011

playing catch up: happy fourth of july!

we are having a great holiday weekend! new wood flooring, solo grocery shopping trip, local fireworks show, bbq'ing, relaxing by the river, swim trunks and sandals, sparklers, late nights and sleeping in!

enjoying some red, white, and blue breakfast and helping me "mix" up a batch of shortcake muffins!
they tasted as delicious as they looked!! sportin' a red, white, and blue outfit!!
sparkling!! (corbin wasn't a fan and wanter to stay far, far away! BUT DID NEARLY SWALLOW A POP IT!) watching the fireworks show!
these pictures are actually from the night before. we went and watched a fireworks show that a local horse racing track puts on every year!
we pretty much all just watched corbin and not the actual fireworks because his reactions were too cute to miss! "wooooaaaaah!"
and on the actual fourth of july we watched cousin spencer and donald light fireworks off in the front yard!
i'm glad corbin got to stay up and enjoy the festivities but it didn't work well for putting him to sleep since the booms and echoes (we live in a valley) were in full swing by the time he laid down for bed! but after some couch snuggles and a little wow wow wubzy he was out! 

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