Sunday, July 24, 2011

corbin's room has always been "in the making". (here's another messy before picture) even now its not where i want it to be. how does one safely hang framed pictures at a toddler's eye level? i need to go to ikea and buy some spice rack book shelves and i put off buying shelving for the walls every time i see some because i feel like i can always get a better deal at the next garage sale or clearance isle. i need to sew that gigantic duvet cover into real curtains and until now we've had a useless piece of furniture known as the changing table taking up some pretty valuable play area! we went and had a little playdate with our friends poppy and emily last week and after seeing how she keeps the dresser in the closet to make room for their floor bed i came home and then next morning started tearing corbin's room up rearranging! 
 i flipped the bed around and moved the toy shelving to the side of the wall with the dresser.

 and now with that changing table holding all the things that our non-existent linen closet could hold there is lots more room to play! and with an ALMOST two year old, that's whats really important!


  1. what a cool room! i bet he loves it in there.

  2. Looks like heaven for a busy little boy! I love the idea of putting the changing table in the closet.

  3. yay for more space! it looks great! where'd you get that rug?! its awesome!

  4. Looks really nice!!!
    this reminds me I need to take pictures of RJ's big boy room... before he needs another room remake, lol :P

  5. looks good! sometimes i wish we still had camy's bed on the floor, even though she can climb in and out by herself. it just takes up so much room!
    as for the pictures, we've hung 2 framed pictures (things she's drawn) at eye level by her small dining room table using command strips. that way she can take them down without exposing anything unsafe (nails, tacks, etc) and it won't damage the wall. she likes taking them down and rehanging them from time to time.

  6. Great job making good use of space. I love how all his trucks are lined up in a nice neat row.


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