Monday, June 27, 2011


last monday we packed up our entire house (literally! the cabin was bare besides two bunk beds, a table and chairs, and a small kitchen) and headed to a nearby lake for the week where ryan's work owns a private piece of land! it's one of our favorite summer hangouts so it was fun to get to stay in one of the cabins finally! corbin ran around checking it all out and instantly fell in love!
there is everything you could ever want there, especially if your a little almost two year old boy! 
playgrounds and trails and basketball courts and boats and lots and lots of room to RUN!
after dinner the first night we kicked back and relaxed in the evening sun on the back deck and corbin even enjoyed his first smore!
our days were full of exploring the property, walking the trails, and swinging!
watching dad on the row boat (corbin wouldn't wear a life jacket so he couldn't go) and eating lunch together on the deck with the sound of boats whizzing past in the background.
shooting hoops with dad and photo ops with mom!
we ate like pigs and slept like babies!
corbin found a new love, "weep"ing! and most importantly we just spend quality time together. 
the three of us.
the weather was amazing and since its the beginning of the summer the property was pretty quiet and empty!
i seriously couldn't have asked for a better time! well, except of course that we all ended up getting sick and left four days early! but im just focusing on the fun time we had while we were there! 
last morning trip to the bathrooms. (seriously this is about as comfortable as i am with "roughing it") and putting our wagon away after loading up the car. until next summer...


  1. that looks awesome and really fun. totally jealous.

  2. oh wow! what a fantastic trip!! i'm also totally jealous lol. we have property we could go to but there aren't any cabins, so it's rather difficult to go right now!

  3. oh jill, i'm totally jealous! looks like an amazing place and a really nice opportunity to hang out just as a family. "weeping" is cracking me up! what a good helper, that corbin (and a cute one too!)


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