Monday, June 06, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty three}

woke up to a new tractor from his dada! perks of helping mom make cookies is licking the beaters!
PASSED OUT! chomping on sophie STILL!
watching loggers cut down a dead tree next to our house! he now talks about it ALL THE TIME!
frustrated this tractor and trailer don't fit together!!
cutest face EVERRRR! do anyone else's sons/husbands/nephews/dads only wear one sock like mine do?!
tshirts to make some snazzy produce bags
except i dont really even know how to use my sewing machine!
oh geez, the faces this kid makes! laundry day=time to change the sheets! TURTLE POWER!
so let me get this right? you don't like the lunch i made you?! compost'in it uuuup!
our usual walk to the mailbox. checkin' muh facebook.
eight am. corbin broke down the baby gate, opened the pantry door, climbed up on the boxes of soda, took the rubber band off this bag of pirates booty and well, he deserved to eat it after that!
oh my, look how cute i am!
playdate with some of his buddies he's known basically forever! 
dancing and laughing at his reflection in the sliding glass door!
outside with mama! getting the hang of the pedals on his bike!!
eating rocks. sunshine!!
friday night feather extensions!! LOVE THEM!
saturday morning tapps island community garage sale! the loot!
hanging with our crew of local blog mamas (PLUS stephanie who lives allllllll the way in california!!).
while i was out and corbin was home with dad they heard someone setting off fireworks! 
now corbin says, "sssshhhh. firecacker!".


  1. Oh Corbin! Your smile is infectious and so heart warming. You cutie pie!

  2. fun week and YES we have the one sock posse over here!


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