Saturday, June 25, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty six}

corbins father's day presents to his daddy and some extra special decorations around the house!
we ended up not doing anything for dads big day because he was sick so it was lots of snuggles in bed and cleaning (he got up there and did that all on his own!)
playing, "where's juju?" during a diaper change. 
uhm, corbin i think you have some peanut butter in your nose!
nbd, just chugging a bottle of vitamins! cousin jaden makes the best tents!
kisses through the car window! riding bikes/scooters with his cousins!
playing at great grammy's house! he loved riding on this scooter with his dad!
even though we came home from vacation early, i clearly didn't stop eating like i was home!
its on like donkey kong! playing video games with jaden after corbin went to bed!
in a BOLT coma! riding his new rice babies doll home from the mailbox!
sliding! and sleeping upside down!


  1. corbin is so smart! i love that he helps you clean.

  2. Aww way to go Corbin! but what does nbd mean!? lol

  3. these are really fun pictures jill! i wish we lived closer to you guys :(

  4. Awww, love the Where's Juju picture and the Father's Day decorations are AWESOME! :o)

  5. love this week! and now i really want pizza. yum.


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