Sunday, June 12, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty four}

sunday grocery shopping. corbin thought the apple jacks box was hilarious! i love a stocked fridge!
a fridge full of food means lots of delicious meals like asian slaw with ginger peanut dressing and my own at home version of starbucks passion tea lemonade!!
and KALE CHIPS! im obsessed with these things! corbin is too! (which sucks cuz i want them ALL TO MYSELF!! just kidding, kinda. they are so good for him and im happy he loves them!)
riding in the back of the truck to mimi and papa's house to play with his new sand and water table!
if this is the way he will eat an avocado, i'll take it! please also note his notorious bites taken out of the block of cheese on the counter. wishing he had some more "appysauce".
dance party in the kitchen!! drinking a banana milkshake dad brought home from pick-quick!
being cute playing with his "choo choo car". snuggling with mommy after he bonked his eye!
pushing tractors around at fox hollow farm in the rain! NEW SHOPPING CARTS AT TARGET!!
corbin insisted on having his arm out of one sleeve of his shirt all. morning. long. 
then i came around the corner to him with a big smile on his face saying, "mama dump". luckily he's getting really good about helping me clean up his messes!
daydreaming during lunch. taco beard!!
making progress on our back yard! 
which means i deserve a rolo mcflurry after drooling over a picture of renee's on instagram! 
(side note: this is the first ice cream of any kind i've bought since the beginning of april!)
and look who is also making progress on his potty! nothing happened but him saying yes when i asked if he wanted to use it and sitting his naked butt down is a big step!
having june from little einsteins kiss how "hurt".
its snowing cotton!!    too legit to quit!
playing outside. i always have to quickly snap shots of him in his hat because THOSE CURLS STICKING OUT THE SIDES kill me and he never wears it long!
yo gabs finger puppets! playing with his trucks i bought him from a yard sale!
walking around our hood. 
i secretly like these three women who kick my butt every day! im on day nine of the thirty day shred!
SLINKY! he sounds so adorable saying that word. corbin, the human bridge!
more new yard sale toy story toys (still in their packages)! snuggling with daddy.
pureed watermelon popcicles with whole raspberries in them! up at five thirty am watching some toons.
sweeping corbin.


  1. fun week!! love those finger puppets!

  2. You weren't joking about a ton a pics. Love it! :) Oh and those rolo mcflurrys... so good!

  3. what a beautiful fridge! and the second to the last sleeping picture of corbin makes me want to kiss him!

  4. my favorite drink ever!!! and hey, your fridge is lookin' goooood

  5. I also love your fridge lol!!!

  6. Your boy eats! I am jealous, I couldn't get a kale chip within 3 feet of Kjells.
    She lives off milk and carbs.


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