Sunday, June 19, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty five}

trip down the birthday party decorations aisle at target. im so undecided on what i want the theme for corb's second birthday to be!! and an always fun time at barnes and noble playing with the train table. (im waiting for them to notice i never buy anything and say we cant come anymore! haha)
nah ma, its cool. i can walk down stairs by muh self now! riding in the wagon.
helping papa hook the wagon up to the tractor. 
having corbin reach up and hold my hand will NEVER get old!
how toddlers eat pb&j sammiches! MEGA CHEESE!
up EARLY (like four am early!) watching mimi drive by on her way to work.
entertainment while mama showers!
oh that's just a mosquito bite. i caught the jerk sucking the life out of me the night before. i thought i was dying of the west nile virus! (no worries, its completely gone now!)
playing peek-a-boo through the deck railing!
so proud of jake and the neverland pirates earning nine gold doubloons!! 
nakie nerd and naked danger baby!!
just plowing the couch! and im about to make corbin a "no girls, err MOMS allowed!" sign. when he wants his dad in his room and i come in he screams and pushes me out!!
playing outside!
helping papa rake up grass. showing nana the big, orange tractor.
i was busy cleaning up when i walked past and saw him sitting like this. he looked so little to me.
chewing on a water bottle! love his teeth showing through. oh, and those bright, blue eyes!!
i made the best rhubarb muffins
and if corbin starts sorting laundry does that mean i have to start paying him an allowance?!


  1. if you look at the post of us going to the melting pot, you'll see wyatt has some pretty gnarly bug bites right now too. i think these mosquitos are super mutants lately or something. poor corbin! i'm sorry he's all bit up!

  2. love your week! you guys spend so much fun time outside... corbin is such a lucky boy :)

  3. HAHAHA! The naked nerd picture is HILARIOUS! so adorable

  4. awesome post! looks like you had such a fun week! have you thought of a circus theme? I think I wanna do that for Nolan's 3rd! lol

  5. henry's been getting all bit up here too! but the bites aren't as big as corbin's is...poor little guy :( putting beans and a tractor in a bin is a really good idea and that naked picture of him is cracking me up!!


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