Monday, June 13, 2011

"i poo poo"

and here is reason number ten billion why this blog will always be way cooler then a conventional baby book. i've never seen one that has a spot for you to fill out the date your child first pooped in the tub. that's right folks, twenty one months later its finally happened. and i got it on video! {ew, not the actual poop! just corbin letting us know it happened!} proud parent moment right there. 

but first enjoy like two entire minutes of corbin dying laughing at his dad with a bucket on his head running into a wall...


  1. I could listen to him giggle all day, he is so sweet!
    (but uhh, yeah tub poop... been there done that! not fun)

  2. Love that laugh! And the pooping in the tub? Can't believe you caught that one on tape! I'm sure he'll love to see that someday:)

  3. haha! nice corbin! wyatt's pooped in the tub a few times. it's so weird! he's even pooped standing up in the kitchen right after the bath. i guess all that warm water and laughing got him going! hahaha! you'll be happy you have that video when he's older!

  4. lmao! awesomesauce :P Nolan has pooed a few times in the tub too.

  5. ahhh!! parker pooped in the tub for the first time this weekend!! it was gross. but corbin? super cute. hahahaha, how did we get to this point in our lives??


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