Tuesday, June 28, 2011

happy second birthday jacob!

last weekend we celebrated corbin's best bud's second birthday! they were tiny little six and eight month olds when they first started playing together at baby gym and it blows my mind that they are headed into their second year of life already! jacob loves airplanes as much as corbin is obsessed with tractors so obviously his party was all about them!
lindsey (jacob's mommy) had her house decorated so cute! the food was delicious! (HELLO homemade ukrainian desserts!) and the company was so fun!
jacob's face as everyone sang him happy birthday was hilarious! like why is everyone staring at me with big cheesy smiles singing this weird song?! 
but he knew just what to do when it was time to blow out the candles!
and of course just how to tear open his birthday presents too! corbin bought him that sprig toys sea plane and the 'take flight' print from cinnamon ink!
corbin had THE BEST time playing in their fun backyard, as usual! its all boy back there!
happy, happy second birthday big guy!! so happy to have you as one of corbin's friends! 
(she types as if the two year old will actually read this...)


  1. Awww, looks like a super fun party!!! I can't believe Corbin is old enough to have friends who are turning two. EEK!!!

  2. cute pictures, what a cute family! that cake looks SO GOOOD.


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