Monday, June 06, 2011

farmers market and children's museum!

i can not believe it's been almost a whole year since the last time i took corbin to the children's museum of tacoma! we had such a fun time last time and once again had a blast!! every friday from june thru august are free market play days where columbia bank fronts the bill for kids to go explore the museum for FREE! on the same street is the thursday farmers market so we had a whole day of free fun! 
i cant even remember a day we've had together that was as easy as thursday was. not that corbin is even a bad kid. he's always very go with the flow and for the most part very easy. there was just something effortless about thursday. when he was ready to leave the children's museum he just went to the front door. i asked if he wanted to leave. he replied, "yeah yeah!". then we sat and had a snack while dancers performed. when one of the groups wasn't quite ready a man started playing his guitar to stall and corbin even went up and started dancing in front of everyone. the crowd let out a simultaneous awwwwwe! then we walked holding hands through the farmers market, stopped at tully's for an odwalla bar and some crispy cold water, and trekked up the hill back to our car. corbin instantly fell asleep on our drive home and even transferred into his bed and slept for another hour!

it really makes me excited for warmer weather and summer days and all the fun things there are to do around our area!!


  1. so fun! thanks for sharing about the tcm because i had no idea! i've been wanting to take reese to check it out. i'll definitely have to plan on going to the market and the museum in the same day! you two are so cute! ;)

  2. i love farmer's market flowers! looks like such a fun if only the rain would stay away!

  3. that just sounds like a delightful day! i love when you have a day where everything comes easy - when that happens to me I feel like super mom :)


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