Thursday, June 30, 2011


these days it seems like if i don't get outside of our house at least once every day i start feeling really cooped up. its great where we live to be able to step outside and have a huge area for corbin to run and ride his bike and explore and i love watching him discover new things that he's walked right past before. but its always fun to change it up and im always looking for fun things for us to go do together during the day. the only problem with actually leaving the house is that it usually involves money and times are tough 'round here so finding free (or close to it) things to do is where its at!

so yesterday we packed up and headed to bellevue to play at the mall. an instagram friend is always sharing pictures of her daughter at the disney store playing and well, we all know how much corbin loves buzz lightyear so i knew he would have fun there! plus i remember my niece and nephew playing in the marvin the martian spaceship there when they were little so i was hoping they'd still have some fun toys like that! plus there is the play area that every mall has so i packed a lunch and we were on our way! 

first stop was the play area and i was shocked to see corbin actually climbing up on things and sliding down slides all by himself since he usually just runs straight out of the play area and to the cupcake shop (nice positioning by the way pinkabella cupcakes!). doesnt he looks so grown up!?!
when he was over the play area we walked hand in hand to the elevator and down to the disney store! he loved it there and i cant believe its the first time i've taken him there since we go to that mall often! no marvin the martian spaceship but there was a fun tunnel and a princess castle!
and this awesome movie screen with a table and chairs for kids to color at. 
you can even pick what clips of what movie you want to watch! so buzz obviously.
we hit up the lego store
and had lunch together in the food court. on our way out it was impossible not to drool over people walking out of my favorite frozen yogurt shop (seriously why do i always park by that entrance!) so i scrounged together enough money at the bottom of my diaper bag to get us a small one to share only to pay and find out i had a free five dollar credit! SCORE!
total cost for the fun day out with my little guy: ZERO DOLLARS!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

happy second birthday jacob!

last weekend we celebrated corbin's best bud's second birthday! they were tiny little six and eight month olds when they first started playing together at baby gym and it blows my mind that they are headed into their second year of life already! jacob loves airplanes as much as corbin is obsessed with tractors so obviously his party was all about them!
lindsey (jacob's mommy) had her house decorated so cute! the food was delicious! (HELLO homemade ukrainian desserts!) and the company was so fun!
jacob's face as everyone sang him happy birthday was hilarious! like why is everyone staring at me with big cheesy smiles singing this weird song?! 
but he knew just what to do when it was time to blow out the candles!
and of course just how to tear open his birthday presents too! corbin bought him that sprig toys sea plane and the 'take flight' print from cinnamon ink!
corbin had THE BEST time playing in their fun backyard, as usual! its all boy back there!
happy, happy second birthday big guy!! so happy to have you as one of corbin's friends! 
(she types as if the two year old will actually read this...)

Monday, June 27, 2011


last monday we packed up our entire house (literally! the cabin was bare besides two bunk beds, a table and chairs, and a small kitchen) and headed to a nearby lake for the week where ryan's work owns a private piece of land! it's one of our favorite summer hangouts so it was fun to get to stay in one of the cabins finally! corbin ran around checking it all out and instantly fell in love!
there is everything you could ever want there, especially if your a little almost two year old boy! 
playgrounds and trails and basketball courts and boats and lots and lots of room to RUN!
after dinner the first night we kicked back and relaxed in the evening sun on the back deck and corbin even enjoyed his first smore!
our days were full of exploring the property, walking the trails, and swinging!
watching dad on the row boat (corbin wouldn't wear a life jacket so he couldn't go) and eating lunch together on the deck with the sound of boats whizzing past in the background.
shooting hoops with dad and photo ops with mom!
we ate like pigs and slept like babies!
corbin found a new love, "weep"ing! and most importantly we just spend quality time together. 
the three of us.
the weather was amazing and since its the beginning of the summer the property was pretty quiet and empty!
i seriously couldn't have asked for a better time! well, except of course that we all ended up getting sick and left four days early! but im just focusing on the fun time we had while we were there! 
last morning trip to the bathrooms. (seriously this is about as comfortable as i am with "roughing it") and putting our wagon away after loading up the car. until next summer...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty six}

corbins father's day presents to his daddy and some extra special decorations around the house!
we ended up not doing anything for dads big day because he was sick so it was lots of snuggles in bed and cleaning (he got up there and did that all on his own!)
playing, "where's juju?" during a diaper change. 
uhm, corbin i think you have some peanut butter in your nose!
nbd, just chugging a bottle of vitamins! cousin jaden makes the best tents!
kisses through the car window! riding bikes/scooters with his cousins!
playing at great grammy's house! he loved riding on this scooter with his dad!
even though we came home from vacation early, i clearly didn't stop eating like i was home!
its on like donkey kong! playing video games with jaden after corbin went to bed!
in a BOLT coma! riding his new rice babies doll home from the mailbox!
sliding! and sleeping upside down!

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