Tuesday, May 31, 2011

twenty one months old.

im barely grasping the fact that i have a one year old. when people ask me i have to stop and think how old he is. i mean, i know he's one but its seriously taken some time to get the hang of. and here he is today, three months away from being TWO. i dont think i'll ever be able to keep up. but never mind the numbers and the dates, corbin is at his funnest stage ever. i think i'll always say that though.

he is so sweet. hugs any and every thing from books to buzz lightyear figurines to jars of honey shaped like bears to orange slices (yes, he's actually hugged orange slices!). and gives kisses to ryan and i. and says, "love you"!!

once his list of words hit one hundred, which was early on this last month, he suddenly just started copying everything we said! "be right back" "mega mind" "lets see" "geez louise" and there are a million more. he says a few new words every day and every single one of them blow my mind every time. its just fun and amazing to see him learn.

oh, and you should hear the kid sing. he might not always have the words right but the boy can keep a tune and sing along to almost anything if he hears it enough!

corbin shares his food and drinks with us and his stuffed animals or batman figurines or our bear cookie jar or even woody on one of his sippy cups! he uses his imagination and pretends that they are really eating it by making cute little chewing or drinking noises.

when u ask him what color something is the answer is always blue or green but he knows how to say white, red, purple, and yellow.

he loves: looney tunes, riding on his bike, being outside, bugs, helping cook, when his dad comes home from work, and watching tractor videos on youtube.

he dislikes: having his hair brushed and washed, when someone puts a sticker on him, perfectly stacked piles of clothes, and clean houses!

we had two weeks of nursing regression this past month. he went from nursing two to three times a day to five or six. at first i was really frustrated and didn't know how to handle it since he's pushing two years old and im wanting to slowly wean him but after reading this article i just followed his lead and went with it and im really happy i did because after about two weeks he's back to his regular nursing habits of morning, nap (unless he takes one in the car), and before bed. our night time weaning just keeps getting better and better too. last night he slept for ten hours in a row. seven thirty pm until five thirty the next morning. i've tested it out and if i don't nurse him back to sleep then he will be up for the day. so i'm picking my battles and giving into that one for now because he will usually sleep in until seven or eight thirty! since his sleeping has improved so much at night i've also noticed that his naps have started to naturally come later and later. it used to take a lot to keep him up and happy (usually being outside or on the go) until one or two but now he stays up until then no problem!

we've been working on colors and alphabet letters and shapes. possible potty training will be in our near future. birthday party planning. and getting ready for summer!!

so that's corbin in a nutshell. no words could ever really describe how i see and feel about him. twenty one months down, a lifetime to go...


  1. he's almost 2!? oh my! B is just now getting used to stickers... everytime people would stick stickers on her (i never noticed how often this happens to kids until now) she would freak out! now she just leaves them... or tries to suck them off instead of using her fingers haha

  2. wow... he is such a sweet little boy. i can't believe he's almost two!! whoa.

  3. Aww! What an adorable picture! He's such a smart little cookie!

  4. wow, i'm a poop. so glad i asked you this question earlier. confession; i am NOT up on blogger.. reason being; i was following 363 blogs. um yeah, i'm up late cleaning it out... and now that i've hit your name, i am down to 214.. well, assuming i keep you, it might be 213.


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