Saturday, May 21, 2011

sixty seven degrees!

you guys?! thursday's weather was simply amazing! (okay, i know sixty seven degrees isnt even THAT hot but 'round here its been one of the hottest days of the year for us!) and nearly every second of our day was spent OUTSIDE in shorts and tshirts and sandals! our morning kicked off with sunny skies, windows open with fresh air flowing in as we ate breakfast, and a dance party while we got ready for a major play date at the zoo with some blog friends!
 i turned my back for two seconds after letting corbin eat right out of the yogurt container and he dipped his entire hand in it! 
SUPER stoked about high fivin' the meerkat!
tickles from rowan! 
hooray, i'm free from my stroller and sea otters are EXCITING!!

rowan and harper!!

after the zoo and a nap that went from the car to his bed (that NEVER happens) we went outside and enjoyed the rest of the days sunshine!

his favorite game is to fill up this garbage can with all the basketballs then tip it over and watch the balls roll out!
do you see corbin waaaaaaay back there? no wonder he wont stay put when i take him places in public. he's so comfortable in our neighborhood roaming around always knowing someone is right behind him keeping him safe!
oh, and then it happened. his first scraped knee. not too awful and nothing a tractor ride with nana couldn't cure!
we ended our sun-filled day with a messy dinner, big boy cup practice, and a fun bath washing all the sunscreen away!


  1. I think it should be 67 degrees everyday! that was way fun. glad to see you!

  2. we had a blast in the sun too! ryan and corbin have so much in common.. ryan also smothered himself in yogurt AND got his first knee scrape this week! Heres to a summer of fun!!

  3. Hahahaha. Is your hubby standing in Corbin's tubby? I am dying.

  4. i think it's funny that you guys are in t-shirts when we'd totally have sweaters on!

  5. looks like so much fun! :) and that backyard is to die for!

  6. Yippee for nice weather! I have to admit that basketball game looks really entertaining

  7. woohoo! you guys are finally getting some nice weather! i'm jealous you all got to meet up at the zoo, these pictures are adorable. i love that vintage trike but that goat's beard is awesome/borderline creepy!!


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