Sunday, May 29, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty three}

i take so many pictures with my phone. its insane really. here's yet another week (that really looks like a month since there are SO MANY) in iphone pictures.
hanging outside. whats new?!
helping dad do yard work. "where bugs at mama?"
looking sweet and innocent even though he can head butt like nobody's business!!
jumping on cousin d and jaden's trampoline! and hanging by the lake at their house!
weeding (blah!) while corbin plays with his nana.
best advice i could ever give someone? buy soyaki and drench everything you eat in it!
snack-fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries in greek strawberry & honey yogurt!
aaahhhh fantastic mister fox! helping make strawberry rhubarb crisp!
new toys from mimi! laying on andy's bed.
you think hugging tractors is weird? this kid hugs books, orange slices, tshirts. 
driving better then half the people in seattle!
insisting he eat mac n' cheese for dinner. (he's never even had it before.) whatever though, he loved it!
i've been trying for months to get him to drink milk. if only i would've known all it would take was drinking it out of a box!!
holy hail storm! playing with hail in a bowl!
flash in your face right as you wake up? awe, what a good mom i am! he's been sleeping so funny lately!
bathrobes are where its at! lazy saturday.
why so many sleeping pictures you ask? well, because my phone has a flash on it now!
batting practice. 
searching around the floor for food even though there is a delicious breakfast on that table!
now for a lazy sunday! and cindy crawford moles, er raisins, are all the rage these days!
cutie pic cheese face! drinking out of the jug, just like his daddy!


  1. He is adorable!! :)

    -Terin @

  2. So cute! Hunter has those rainboots too and LOVES them! :)

  3. So funny that you said it looks like a month worth of photos cause when I was looking through them, I was totally thinking "Didn't she take these over a week ago?" I think it's just cause I see them on instagram, it's hard to keep track!

    All of them are so cute by the way!

  4. i'm really glad that i'm not the only one who takes 32093 pictures a week.

  5. He has sooo much fun! I love the picture of him laying on andys bed lol.

  6. oh my gosh too much adorableness. the fat lip totally just gives you big sexy plump lips. is that weird? and parker drinks soooo much more milk when he has a straw... maybe that did the trick for corbin?

    love this week!

  7. Awwh he's just so damn cute!! lol


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