Sunday, May 22, 2011

our week in iphone pictures {twenty two}

sharing water. trying to hold everything in his hands. bulldozer in the dirt.
zooming down a hill on his car. boys knees!!
playing in the trees. dandelion blowing gone wrong!
look how long that hair is!! trying to eat food off the pages of a crate and barrel catalog.
climbing in the tub and getting soaked IN YOUR CLOTHES is what happens when mom turns her back for one second! play food that corbin loves to eat and share!
wow chuck e cheese, way to capture just the right moment with that pic! driving monster trucks!
hugs for bob the builder! and pizza dinner at chuck e cheese's!
when corbin plays hide n seek he always says, "where's juju?". 
breakfast and the fresh beat band! i wish that show made me smile!
costco samples!! playdoh with dad!
i went to go to bed and found corbin in my spot on the floor so i may or may not have left him there and slept on a soft bed!! (whatever he woke up like twenty minutes later) and a five am wake up means you watch yo gabba gabba laying on the ottoman!
guys doing guy stuff at home depot! four boys, four tractors!
two hours into our morning my living room usually looks like this! 
happy late birthday to me! possibly the best iphone upgrade ever! step-dads rule!
i kinda like this picture of me. it feels very 70's-ish. corbin snoozin'!


  1. so cute! i love the picture of his hair in the bathtub! :)

  2. also, i posted your button on my blogs i love page... :)

  3. wyatt plays in the tub too. clothed.

  4. great pics girl! where is that play food from? i love!

  5. i've never seen corbin's hair all wet like that, so cute and i can't believe how long it is when it's not dry and curly! henry has a couple sonics onesies and i agree with melissa, that play food is great...where did you get it?

  6. melissa and allie. the fruit from none other than IKEA!! :) i couldnt pass it up. a ton of fruit and veggies in their own little cloth baskets for like twelve bucks or something!!


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