Sunday, May 15, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {twenty one}

sliding on his new playset papa built him! 
watching 'a goofy movie'! he LOVED it and was cracking up at a ton of parts!
probably not the safest spot to drive that car son. especially since you kept saying, "i go down"!
sharing animal crackers with the new puppy blanket mimi bought!
oh my goodness i love this kid! and sticking stickers in all the right places! :/
petting his pal john, the deer! (haha, get it!?) and taking a breather at his picnic table.
oh goodness, BOYS! 
helping me dehydrate fruit and by "helping" i mean eating it as i placed it on the tray!
watching dad play "mahio" on his nintendo 3ds. 
and doing some grocery cart cruisin' with his homie brobee!
mother's day!
oh THERE'S your belly button! laughing at dad working in the yard!
i love eating breakfast with my little buddy! and he's off, on the open road!


  1. Great photos..that last one is definitely my favorite!

  2. Love seeing your pics and reading your blog. He is so adorable!

  3. oh corbin, i love thee!

    wyatt learned about his belly button just these past few weeks. he's pretty much obsessed with it. always wanting to look at ours too.

  4. Nothing like a giant hill of dirt to entertain a toddler!

  5. oh man, the belly button & the laughing in his jacket pictures KILL me. love that kid.

  6. great photos hehe! your corbin always makes me laugh, he's such a silly happy kid! i love his playset too!


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