Tuesday, May 03, 2011

our week in iphone pics! {nineteen}

easter sunday!
giving me flowers him and his nana picked! and swingin' through the drive-thru!
tp'ing the house while i clean his tractor he threw in the toilet!!! 
and slurping up water he spilled out of his big boy cup!
the swing set is ALMOST done!! aaaahhh whats up doc?
corbin climbed in my the shower while i was washing my hair! so i let him stay and just get soaked!
and corbin had half a day this week where i could just do nothing to make him happy!!
ladies, ladies. there is enough of me to go around. why yes, i DO also have a private jet. no big deal!
story time day! corbins book always involve a vehicle or animal!
easter dinner with my side of the family! playing soccer with cousin d!
this is what happens when i use the bathroom alone! and corbin and i on our march of dimes walk!
love his morning face!!! and that he enjoys watching awesome movies like willy wonka with me!!


  1. That is an awesome swingset!! I bet he is going to have a blast with that for years. :)

  2. AHHH. I wish I could find my Blackberry connector cord, I have about 15 pictures of what happens when I go to the bathroom lol.

    Corbin is beyond adorable! I love those curls!


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