Friday, May 06, 2011

night weaning: night one.

weaning. that single word has consumed so many of my thoughts for so many months. i've googled and read and discussed and cried about that word.  
i've felt guilty and ashamed and frustrated and embarrassed and like a total failure that i haven't taught my nearly two year old how to sleep.
but last night i made it happen. we started the process and holy cow, it wasnt even that bad. i was finally ready and im so happy to know corbin went right along with it. 
the lowdown: corbin typically wakes up 4-6 times a night, is nursed to sleep, and cant go back to sleep unless he is nursed. for months now ive tried waiting to see if he can work it out on his own by not going to him right away. (he sleeps on his floor bed in his room and whoever goes to bed last brings him in to bed with us) then when i get in his room i try to just rub his back but its never worked. things never got any better and it always resulted in nursing him back to sleep. 

so last night after i put corbin to bed i googled some more about toddlers night weaning and i cried when people talked about how it took over a month to have any success and how their toddler threw up from crying so hysterically the first night but i felt like if i never started, i'd never get anywhere. ive tried doing this a few other nights before but ive always given up. but not last night!  
ten pm. corbin wakes up. i put my game face on, ryan wishes me good luck, and i got in to his room. i told him, "no more milk. we're going to go night night, you can have milk when you wake up in the morning". those are words i know he understands. i wore a shirt with a tight collar so he couldn't reach in for the goods. he scratched and clawed at me and cried for "nigh night" and "milk". i just layed there and sang quietly and kept repeating that he can drink milk in the morning. the first wake up was the worst but after about forty five minutes he just quietly rolled over and went to sleep.
two am. pretty much just repeat what happened earlier. he asked for water and drank a whole sippy cup full. and he only cried off and on for about twenty minutes this time and then rolled over and quietly went to sleep again.
five thirty am. corbin woke up while ryan was up getting ready for work so he came in to say goodbye. since it was light out and corbin woke up so much i decided i would nurse him back to sleep. unlike most times when he was done nursing he just rolled over and went to sleep on his own. 
nine am. woke up for the day! he nursed for a few minutes then was ready to out "dirt" which means "out" to the living room! haha i made sure to really cuddle and kiss him and cheerfully tell him, "yay, its morning! time for milk!". 
is it weird that im excited to do it again tonight!? i just am really looking forward to him being able to put himself back to sleep without nursing and it seems like we are well on our way!!
currently he's napping. every. single. day. he wakes up after napping for thirty-forty five minutes and i have to go nurse him back to sleep. you guys, he's been asleep for an hour and eleven minutes and i haven't hear a peep! ITS REALLY WORKING!!! 


  1. good for you jill! that has to have been a hard road trying to decide what is best. i will keep you in my thoughts that it continues to go smoothly!

  2. Yay! Good luck again tonight, but it sounds like Corbin must have been ready for it too, because he's already doing great! :)

  3. Yay Corbin! I hope tonight goes great as well...and we like those target diapers too. ; )

  4. Yay!! Good for Corbin and good for you! I hope that the rest of the weaning will continue to go well for you! :)

  5. I've just recently gotten Harper night weaned, though she does ask for it every few nights. It's sooo hard not to give in, but just be persistent and it will work! I find myself in the middle of the night thinking that nursing Harper to sleep would be a lot easier and we'd both just go right back to sleep, but I just hold out for a few minutes more and she always goes to sleep. I hope that it continues like this for you! I hope that you and I both get some more sleep at night after all this night weaning! Good luck :0)

  6. That is so awesome! I will have to chat with you next time we meet up - I had an interesting experience with my older son weaning so it makes me anxious thinking about weaning Griffin...

  7. I trained both my kids from 6months on to sleep in their own cribs. With my eldest though I had to book work for three nights so my hubby could do it. Second I was just desperate for sleep by three months and forced myself until 6months. Earlier the better. I slept in my mothers bed for FAR FAR FAR too long.

  8. Ahhh this is like my life. I did the same thing for Ryan and it was SO HARD. Weaning was so difficult for me emotionally. I really hope that it keeps getting better for you it sounds like you are on the right path! I am glad you blogged about it, its the best way to cope sometimes. Good luck!!

  9. you're doing it jill! and it sounds like you have a good plan. the key is just consistency. he just needs to know that what you say goes, and he'll follow along. kids thrive off of structure! you're doing so amazing!

  10. Oh my goodness, good luck! I was a total pussy when it came to sleep training and weaning, I could not have done it without my hubby! But it was SO WORTH IT. Go you!!

  11. You're doing a great job! I didn't wean Logan until the month before he turned two. It was bc I got pregnant. But prior to that he would nurse to sleep for a very long time! I thought he was never going to wean that's how attached and how much he needed it to sleep. He woke up multiple times & still does even after weaning.

    Just wanted to tell you you're doing good :) once it's done you'll be so happy!

  12. Hooray for you! I am thinking of you and hoping the time between wake-ups gets longer and longer.


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