Tuesday, May 17, 2011

kelsey creek park play date!

we met up with some of our local blog pals last week and had the funnest time exploring kelsey creek park! i cant believe how many times i've driven so close to it and never even knew it was there! there were animals and a fun playground and we had a picnic and tons of space to run free and walking paths and TRACTORS!
we missed mister parker's first birthday a few weeks ago so we brought his gift for him to open!
checking out the tractor windmill.
picnic lunch!
surrounded by the ladies already! i thought this was supposed to happen a little later!?!
he spend most of his park time on this tractor wiggling back and forth!
rowan and harper with mustaches! enough said! 
corbin is super into stickers right now just don't ever put one on his skin or tantrums begin! i had to have a pic of him with a stache though, crying or not! since he didnt like it i decided to try it on for myself. i think it looks good, no?

anyway, we had so much fun soaking up the sun and exploring new, fun hangout spots with our friends!

i brought my fancy pants camera but the thought of chasing corbin around with it swinging from my neck wasnt exactly my idea of fun! these were all taken from my iphone and im just going to harass the girls who did bring good cameras to email me their pics! ;)


  1. corbin, you better get used to that stache now... 'cause you'll be all about it when you're older!

  2. Aah, so many cute little ones! Looks like an awesome time and yeah, you're workin' that mustache amazingly ;D

  3. hahaha! i love how you had to get the pic of him with the stache. and poor guy really doesn't like stickers to touch his skin, huh?! anyway, i can't wait until i move to the PNW and can come to these amazing little get-togethers. i think i'll be the happiest mama in the universe.

  4. You guys have so much fun! I'm so jealous! I wanna come visit!

  5. Looks like fun! And I love the crying mustache pic, too cute.

  6. the one of corbin crying s my favorite.


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