Tuesday, May 24, 2011

chuck e cheese's!!

ryan has been wanting to take corbin to chuck e cheese's for a while but my memory of the place having spent so many of my niece and nephews birthdays there was big kids running and screaming around in a crowded room of brightly lit up games and dirty ball pits! i knew the time would have to eventually come that we took him but i've been putting it off for as long as possible! don't get me wrong, i've had a ton of fun at the place back in the day but i pictured it being stressful taking a one year old! but when chuck e cheese's commercials come on the tv and corbin lights up and i ask if he wants to go there and he replies excitedly, "yeah! yeah!" its hard to say no. so friday we met ryan when he got off work and went! 

i was SO HAPPY to see the exact opposite of what i'd been picturing in my mind! the place was clean and there were never more than three kids the whole time we were there! also? the pizza was DELICIOUS! how could i forget how good their pizza was!?!

so after ordering our pizza we just let corbin down and followed him around the whole time! his favorite was riding on bob's bulldozer and watching his dad shoot hoops and win him lots of tickets!!

 together we won 171 tickets and scored two pieces of candy, an awesome green car, and a snow globe!
and check out this sweet video of corbin singing the bob the builder song!!
now every time we see the commercial he gets so excited and says "chuck cheeeeese!". i cant wait to take him back (on a week day at two pm ONLY!) haha!


  1. I have so many fond childhood memories at that place!! I want to take Bennett when he's a little bit older!

  2. wow. you should see what our chuck e cheese looks like, pure disgustingness.

  3. i haven't been to the chuck e cheese down here but i bet it's SCARY. the pizza is so good though, it miiight be worth it? that band looks as creepy as i remember it being but that toddler zone looks awesome!

  4. i wanna go to chuck e cheese... but i can't find a good one. they are all old and icky.

  5. I have the same exact fears you did.. im not a total germaphobe but maybe a little bit. I dunno Im still scared but after reading this maybe it should be our next rainy day venture.


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