Sunday, April 10, 2011

spring break!!

last saturday marked the first day of spring break and our annual trip to the oregon coast! its always a long trip down with many stops at the outlet malls and fun places to eat that we don't have up here and visits with my step dad (although we missed out on that this year since he was fishing on the way down and i didnt want to pass the plague on to him on the way home).

this trip we stopped at buffalo wild wings (per ryan's request) for lunch and the woodburn oulet malls where we scored a bunch of clothes at the gap for all of us on the cheap!
{hey, you think you could pass me a fry?}

when we finally got to our destination we got abby's pizza (the best!) and played games!
corbin was happy to sit by his balloon and chomp on pizza, cucumbers, and olives!
and he even won his very first prize playing a game! (two pieces of candy and a plastic toy car)
the next morning we explored the little town of newport as we always do.
watching the seals,
filling bags full of taffy, buying huge bags of caramel corn, and washing it all down with a slush puppy!
and of course wandering in and out of all the little shops in town.
we were so lucky to have moments of such gorgeous weather! and the first one there was we took advantage and headed outside to play in the sand and ocean!
we brought a pail and some tractors and corbin LOVED it.

he even got to dip his toes in the chilly pacific ocean!

and run from the waves with dad!

{double headed shower? yes please!}
unfortunately, it didnt take long for corbin to pass his sickness on to his mimi, nana, and great aunt tammy though. and we headed home a day early! a re-do trip is planned for this summer to make up for it! and despite it all we had a really fun time!


  1. you had me at the candy! i'll take some double headed shower action too please!

  2. looks so fun! i LOVE Corbin's hair!!

  3. The pics of him on the beach are perfection, especially the one with Ryan throwing him in the air! Great ones!

  4. your pictures are amazing! love trips to the coast & i love the shots of corbin's feets :)

  5. ps: parker has the "who you callin' short?" shirt from target too. twins!

  6. That seagull is sort of freaking scary. What is it, suicidal? I wish we lived closer to the ocean. I LOVE being near large bodies of water....& go figure, I ended up in a desert.

  7. gorgeous pictures! sounds like y'all had a blast!! I can't wait to take more trips, now that the snow has finally melted :)

  8. This is too much fun! The pictures are beautiful.

  9. This looks like so much fun!
    I love the Oregon coast, it's one of my favorite places!
    I'm sorry Corbin was sick. But now you get to look forward to a re-do! Yay!!

  10. These beach shots are awesome!!! Looks like a fun day :-)


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